The Story So Far …

thank you colorfulThank you for the letters of support and to all the individuals who showed up at City Council on Monday night to support the inclusion of a new North Vancouver Museum in the 16,000 square foot amenity space at the Promenade at the Quay development in Lower Lonsdale.
We are pleased to say that City Council unanimously voted to conditionally have the New Museum receive a ten year lease to the 16,000 square foot amenity space. The North Vancouver Museum Commission has advised that they will work hard to meet those 10 conditions.

After our quest for a new museum in the Pipe Shop was defeated less than 6 months ago, the NVMA Commission pursued other options and we are pleased to say….

The Vision is Still Alive!

Your Support is Urgently Needed to Keep the New Museum Dream Alive!

We have the opportunity for a 16,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art museum space to be given to the City of North Vancouver within the newly proposed Polygon “Promenade at the Quay” development (located by Lonsdale Quay – also known as Site 8). This opportunity will go to Public Hearing on June 27th.  You can help make it happen by showing the public support the City wants to see.


Here’s how you can show your support!

  1. Email a note of support to the City Clerk for inclusion into the Public Hearing records at as well as the City of North Vancouver Mayor and Council at All you need to say is “I support having the new museum as part of the new Polygon Development on Site 8 and why you support it. Choose one or more of the benefits below, or use your own. Please include your name and address.
  2. Attend and speak (you can read the note you sent if you wish) at the June 27th Public Hearing with North Vancouver City Council on the development proposal at 6:30 pm on Monday, June 27th at City Hall, 141 West 14th The more people the better; there is no limit on the number of speakers. It would be nice if you wore a light blue shirt or t-shirt. We will have some there for sale if you don’t have one.

To find out more visit the NVMA website or contact Nancy Kirkpatrick, NVMA Director ( or Sanford Osler, NVMA Commission Chair (

A new museum will bring many benefits to the Residents of North Vancouver
  • Enrich our sense of community by providing all North Vancouver residents easy access to a place that can bring a better understanding of our varied, interesting and distinct history and cultures.
  • Provide a state-of-the-art facility that enables collections to be shared instead of stored.
  • Provide a central launching point from which exhibits can be shared throughout the community.
  • Offer visitors a “first stop” introduction to North Vancouver and its narrative.
  • Facilitate people of different backgrounds to connect and learn from one another.
  • Enable local First Nations to share their culture, stories and worldviews and contribute to the reconciliation process.
  • Be a family-friendly place where people of all ages can share with each other and learn.
  • Enliven our Waterfront even further by animating it and showcasing its pivotal role in the our history.
  • Become a great addition to the Cultural precinct developing in Lower Lonsdale.
  • Become a community focal point to discuss future possibilities for our community.
  • Provide a unique rental venue for a wide range of events and special occasions.
  • Provide the City with a great new space for a new museum in a facility that is owned and not leased.
  • Generate economic and employment impacts by attracting and introducing visitors to the area and encouraging them to stay longer.

 Thank you for your continued support!

Friends of the North Vancouver Museum and Archives Society

Our sad news from the past….City votes against rehashing museum decision

Justin Beddall / North Shore News
February 17, 2016

A consultant’s financial feasibility report that effectively sunk the proposed museum at The Shipyards will not be reviewed at a public council meeting.

City of North Vancouver Coun. Don Bell’s motion for a meeting to allow a thorough public review of the BDO report on the proposed business plan for the waterfront museum was defeated 4-3 Monday.

Bell’s motion noted the BDO report and museum’s response to the report were discussed in camera (behind closed doors) and never fully articulated in open council and should be discussed publicly “in the interests of transparency of the process.”

Bell, along with Couns. Pam Bookham and Rod Clark voted in favour of the motion, while Mayor Darrell Mussatto, and Couns. Craig Keating, Linda Buchanan and Holly Back voted against it.

“I just think the public and those that supported it deserve the benefit of that discussion,” Bell said.

– See more at:

Video produced by an independent source

We are the Friends of the North Vancouver Museum and Archives Society. We believe this decision was ill-advised, short-sighted and based on flawed information. We are respectfully requesting that City Council reconsider its decision.

We invite you to explore this site, educate yourself on the issue and support our reconsideration call by signing our on-line petition.

The North Vancouver Museum & Archives is a community keystone: a keeper of cultural memory, a facilitator of dialogue, a proponent of life-long learning, a source of credible information, and a place where people come together to understand and celebrate our past, present and future.